Cookies and Cream

Dairy ice-cream, Cookies and cream flavoured with chocolate brownie pieces sandwiched between a chocolate cookie and a choc-chip cookie. Keep frozen, below 18oC

150 ml

R 35.00


Cookies and Cream Ice-cream (53%) [Cream (Cow’s Milk) (26%), Condensed Milk (Full Cream Milk, Sugar, Lactose Powder (Milk)), Brownie (10%) (Animal Fat (Salted Butter (Cream (Cow’s Milk), Salt)), Sugar, Eggs, Wheat Flour (Gluten), Cocoa (4%), Baking Powder, Vanilla Essence), Flavourings, Gelatine, Dipotassium Phosphate, Calcium Sulphate], Chocolate Cookie (23%) [Wheat Flour (Gluten), Animal Fat (Butter (Cream, Salt)), Sugar, Dark Cocoa (3.5%), Eggs, Raising Agent], Choc-chip Cookie (23%) [Wheat Flour (Gluten), Choc-chips (5%) (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier), Animal Fat (Butter (Cream, Salt)), Sugar, Eggs, Flavouring, Raising Agent, Corn Flour)]

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